Marathon Flights and the Success Story of NL.06-2026038 "Barry"

Marathon Flights and the Success Story of NL.06-2026038 "Barry"

Jan de Wijs

One of the most challenging aspects of pigeon racing is the marathon flights, also known as long-distance races. These races are among the longest and toughest in pigeon racing, with pigeons sometimes having to cover up to 1350 kilometers before returning to their loft.

Marathon flights are the ultimate test of endurance and determination, attracting the most dedicated pigeon enthusiasts.
A remarkable success story within Dutch marathon racing is that of NL.06-2026985 "Barry", a breeding & racing legend of the Verweij de Haan combination from Mijdrecht.

“Barry” has not only delivered impressive performances as a racing pigeon, including a 28th place in National St. Vincent, 39th place in National Cahors, 47th place in National Bergerac, 76th place in National Bordeaux, and 98th place in National St. Vincent, but he has also become a notable breeding pigeon.
Children and grandchildren of “Barry” have achieved extraordinary results, including:

1st National Agen ZLU
1st International Agen
3rd National Agen ZLU
5th National Tarbes
5th National Cahors
6th National Cahors
8th National Agen ZLU
10th International Bordeaux
10th National Marseille
15th National Cahors
And more, much more…
The list of top pigeons that descend from this breeding legend's line seems endless and is rarely matched. Michel Verweij and Peter de Haan, the owners of "Barry", have proven themselves as top breeders with more than excellent results in the Netherlands over the past decade.

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The success story of "Barry" and the Verweij de Haan combination illustrates the power of selection, breeding, and dedication in pigeon racing. It shows that pigeon racing is more than just a hobby; it is a passion that connects generations and embodies the dreams of pigeon enthusiasts. It is a world in which the achievements of a pigeon, such as Barry, capture hearts and inspire admiration within the entire pigeon racing community.

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