NL.20-1417022 "Genesis": The Beginning of an Extraordinary Journey

NL.20-1417022 "Genesis": The Beginning of an Extraordinary Journey

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Welcome, pigeon enthusiasts from around the world! Today we dive into the inspiring story of a special cock, NL.20-1417022, better known as "Genesis." This marks the starting point of our ambitious project: the One Pair Barcelona Challenge.

This project not only promises an exciting journey to the prestigious Barcelona race in 2028 but also proves that you don't need deep pockets to be successful in this challenging sport.

The Origin of "Genesis"
The name "Genesis" was not chosen lightly. Genesis means 'beginning' or 'creation,' and this cock symbolizes exactly that for our project. With "Genesis," we aim to open a new chapter in pigeon racing, one where passion, strategy, and dedication are at the forefront.

Ron Dijkshoorn, Racing Pigeons

In his pedigree, you might not find famous names like "New Laureaat," "Jade," "Nieuwe Witbuik," or "Armando," as many might expect. No, the cock I chose for this project comes directly from Ron Dijkshoorn, a Barcelona specialist known for his impressive results despite his limited number of pigeons.

The goal of our project is to demonstrate that you don't need deep pockets to be successful in Barcelona. It's about the quality of the pigeon and the dedication of the fancier. That's why we chose "Genesis" - a cock with a rich but modest background.

The Pedigree of "Genesis"
"Genesis" is not an ordinary cock. His veins flow with the noble blood of Jan Aarden, strengthened with a touch of the Gebroeders Hagens through Jan Boers. This makes him an exceptionally special pigeon.

NL.20-1417022 Genesis, One Pair Barcelona Challenge

Father: "Son Blue Barca"
The father of "Genesis" is a direct son of "Blue Barca," another excellent Spain flyer. "Blue Barca" achieved 38th place nationally against 3,912 pigeons, 218th place nationally against 4,129 pigeons, and 595th place nationally against 5,239 pigeons. These successes prove that the bloodline of "Genesis" is deeply rooted in top results.

Mother: "Lady Barca"
The mother of "Genesis" is none other than "Lady Barca." She was the best Barcelona pigeon in the Netherlands in 2019 and 2020. With impressive performances such as 42nd place nationally against 4,477 pigeons and 60th place nationally against 4,129 pigeons, "Lady Barca" has more than lived up to her name.

The One Pair Barcelona Challenge
Our project, the One Pair Barcelona Challenge, is a revolution in pigeon racing. With this project, we want to not only showcase our passion and dedication but also inspire and connect with other pigeon enthusiasts worldwide. We want to show that it's possible to dream big and achieve great results without exorbitant investments.

Our goal is to shine with the offspring of "Genesis" in Barcelona 2028. It's a bold and ambitious plan, but as always in pigeon racing, patience and perseverance are the keys to success. We invite you to follow us on this exciting journey and not miss a moment of the preparations, training, and ultimately the big race.

Join and Follow Us
We invite all pigeon enthusiasts to follow us and participate in this fascinating journey. Together, we can push the boundaries of pigeon racing and show that passion and dedication are the real driving forces behind success.

Become part of our story, follow our updates, and experience the road to Barcelona 2028 with us. Who knows, "Genesis" might inspire you to set and achieve your own ambitious goals.

Time will tell, and those who live will see. Together onwards to Barcelona 2028 with "Genesis" leading this wonderful adventure!

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Until the next blog,

Jan de Wijs
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Pigeon Boss

Dat klopt, maar het zal de gehele weg genieten zijn!

wiebe van der woude

Veel succes met Barcelona 2028, er is nog een lange weg te gaan.

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