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Jan Aarden

Jan Aarden, racing pigeons for sale

Jan Aarden's "Dolle" is undeniably the most renowned dove in the history of Jan Aarden pigeons. Its exceptional performance and the exceptional value it added to the breed's legacy have solidified its status as the ultimate long-distance pigeon in the world.

"Dolle" can be considered the cornerstone of the Jan Aarden lineage during the 1970s and 1980s. Countless pigeons today carry the bloodline of "Dolle" in their veins, showcasing its enduring influence. Tragically, "Dolle" passed away in 1985, reaching the ripe age of eighteen, in the attic of Marijn van Geel.

This iconic Jan Aarden dove possessed all the classic traits of the breed, including beautiful eyes and silky feathers, which it gracefully passed on to its descendants.

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