An Unforgettable Triumph: The Stam Brothers's Victory at the Pigeon Race from Tongeren

An Unforgettable Triumph: The Stam Brothers's Victory at the Pigeon Race from Tongeren

Jan de Wijs

On a crisp May morning, under slightly cloudy skies with a gentle southeast breeze, Gerard and Dicky Stam, known as the Stam Brothers from Groningen, made history in pigeon racing.

On May 4th, with temperatures only reaching 8 degrees Celsius, an epic race unfolded that quickened the pulse of many pigeon enthusiasts. This race, released in Tongeren, Belgium, attracted an impressive 19,667 pigeons from 737 enthusiasts from Section 10 North East Netherlands.

A Tribute to a Loved One
The Stam Brothers, who have been involved in pigeon racing since 2014, dedicated this victory to their recently deceased father. Until two years ago, they competed under the name Trio Stam, but after their father's passing, they began a new chapter. This victory was not only a sporting success, but also an emotional moment in which they honored their father, whose spirit and love for the sport undoubtedly remain with them.

The Details of the Race
The winning pigeon, NL.23-9514964, is a testament to excellent breeding and strategy. This female, bred from a male pigeon owned by fellow townsman Feike Wilpstra and a mother from Combination Oosterhof, showcased her superior speed by covering a distance of 280 kilometers in just a few hours. Released at 7:45 am, she arrived at 10:30:38 am, achieving an impressive speed of 1692 meters per minute.
An Unforgettable Triumph: The Stam Brothers's Victory at the Pigeon Race from Tongeren
More Than Just a Victory
What made this victory even more remarkable was that the Stam Brothers not only took first place but also earned the title of Grandmaster of the entire section, with 25 of their 30 deployed pigeons winning prizes. This result speaks volumes about their skill, dedication, and the strength of their pigeons.

A Symbol of Community and Friendship
Pigeon racing, often a celebration of community and friendship, is a source of joy and connection for the Stam Brothers. Along with their cousin Berry van der Lei, who helped create the successful breeding formula, they have shown how collaboration can lead to extraordinary results. Their story is an inspiring example of how passion and teamwork go hand in hand in the fascinating world of pigeon racing.

Looking Forward
The victory from Tongeren is just the beginning for Gerard and Dicky. With the season still ahead, expectations are high. The pigeon racing community will undoubtedly keep a close watch on what these charismatic brothers will achieve next.

Congratulations, Gerard and Dicky Stam! Your victory is a true achievement to be proud of, a triumph that not only highlights your skills but also serves as a loving reminder of your father. Enjoy this victory, and here’s to more successes!
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The Essence of the Sport
This victory highlights what makes pigeon racing so special: it's not just a sport but also a story of family, friendship, and overcoming challenges, both personally and competitively. The Stam Brothers are wonderful ambassadors for this sport, where the spirit of competition and camaraderie go hand in hand.

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