Wings of Triumph: How Richard van Zuijlen Conquered the Pigeon Racing World on King's Day

Wings of Triumph: How Richard van Zuijlen Conquered the Pigeon Racing World on King's Day

Jan de Wijs

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating tale from the world of pigeon racing that will captivate and motivate pigeon enthusiasts worldwide! On the sunny King's Day of 2024, April 27th, Richard van Zuijlen, alongside his partner Monique, achieved a remarkable victory from Quiévrain.

On this special day, as the long-awaited sunlight bathed the garden where they waited patiently, Richard's pigeons proved their superior endurance and speed. These top pigeons, sourced from Peter van Utrecht from Tiel, have repeatedly shown that they are crafted for the challenges of contemporary pigeon racing.

Peter, in turn, also houses some of Richard’s pigeons in his coop, resulting in a mutual enrichment of their breeding lines. "Your pigeons are truly made for long flights," Peter once remarked, after observing the endurance of one of Richard's pigeons.

It was a thrilling moment when Richard's first pigeon arrived, and after making two more victory laps above the loft, it gracefully landed on the chimney and then flew to the trap. This spectacular sight was a sign that the pigeons were not only on time but also in excellent form. Richard, who had just seen that Hans Nielen, a competitor at a shorter distance, had also clocked a pigeon, suspected his pigeon might be very early. Indeed, this early arrival led to his pigeons not only taking first place in the club but also in Region1, North 1, and even in the entire Division 7 against a staggering 16873 pigeons – a first for Richard.
Wings of Triumph: How Richard van Zuijlen Conquered the Pigeon Racing World on King's Day
This victory, set against a backdrop of shared experiences and exchanges of top pigeons between Peter and Richard, speaks volumes about the potential of this season. After a period of darkening, the males are now exposed to natural light, and much is expected from their increasing form and performance.

Besides the triumphant first place, Richard also clocked an impressive series of early pigeons within the division, with positions like 1st, 12th, 15th, 21st, 23rd, and 25th, earning him the title of 8th grandmaster of the division. Each of these pigeons, including the remarkable cock 2023-9170856, embodies the fruit of careful breeding and dedication. The father of this cock, the 15-276, is also the father of a car winner and multiple top flyers, descending from the renowned matriarch of the Fanger Brothers from Badhoevedorp, while the mother of 2023-9170856 comes from Ronald Veenendaal from Buurmalsen.
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For fans and participants in pigeon racing around the world, the story of Richard and his pigeons is a brilliant example of passion, determination, and the triumph of strategic breeding and thorough training. This story is an inspiration for all of us to strive for the highest achievable in our own pigeon racing adventures!

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