Derby Zagreb Takes Flight: Brace Yourself for a Supercharged 2025 Season!

Derby Zagreb Takes Flight: Brace Yourself for a Supercharged 2025 Season!

Jan de Wijs

Attention pigeon racing enthusiasts, this is not a drill! Derby Zagreb, a one-loft racing powerhouse in Europe, is about to take things to the next level. Buckle up for the 2025 season, they're doubling the size of their loft, paving the way for an unparalleled racing experience.

Owned by the esteemed Tihomir Lekic, Derby Zagreb has carved a niche for itself as a premier one-loft race. With a staggering €62,000 prize pool for the 2024 season alone, this prestigious event consistently attracts top-notch competitors. But wait, the best is yet to come!

Imagine the electrifying spectacle – twice the number of feathered athletes soaring through the majestic Croatian skies, wings beating in a fierce but beautiful competition. Derby Zagreb's unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in their decision to expand. Construction will begin discreetly after the 2024 season concludes, ensuring minimal disturbance to this year's participants.

Here's a deeper dive into what makes Derby Zagreb a beacon for one-loft racing enthusiasts:

A Lucrative Arena:
In 2024, Derby Zagreb is showering champions with a staggering €62,000 prize pool. That's a goldmine waiting to be claimed by the most skilled feathered athletes and their dedicated trainers.

The Lekic Vision:
Driven by a passion to elevate pigeon racing in Croatia and on a global scale, Tihomir Lekic is a visionary leader. His unwavering focus on transparency, continuous improvement, and lifelong education has cemented Derby Zagreb's position as a true leader in the sport.

A Feathered Paradise:
Derby Zagreb isn't just about competition; it's about providing a luxurious haven for their avian athletes. Their state-of-the-art loft, nestled amidst a sprawling 10,000 square meters of pristine green space, offers pigeons a home filled with sunshine, fresh air, and ample room to stretch their wings.

Respect for Nature:
The Derby Zagreb team isn't just passionate about pigeons; they're passionate about the environment. They champion responsible breeding practices and prioritize creating an eco-friendly haven for their feathered friends. This deep respect for nature is a core value that resonates with environmentally conscious trainers.

The stage is set for an extraordinary 2025 season. With a doubled loft size and the same unwavering commitment to excellence, Derby Zagreb is poised to become the undisputed champion of one-loft racing.

Derby Zagreb Takes Flight: Brace Yourself for a Supercharged 2025 Season!
Don't miss out on this chance to witness history in the making. Mark your calendars and prepare to be awestruck by the future of pigeon racing taking flight at Derby Zagreb!
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Jan de Wijs
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