Paul Groeneveld Takes Home the Gold (Again!) in the 2024 Season Opener!

Paul Groeneveld Takes Home the Gold (Again!) in the 2024 Season Opener!

Jan de Wijs

What a way to kick off the 2024 season, folks! Paul Groeneveld absolutely stole the show in the first race, and let me tell you, it was a sight to behold! Let's dive into this incredible feat.

Liberated at Dawn, Home by Mid-Morning
The race kicked off bright and early in Lennik, with pigeons set free at 9:00 AM sharp. With a distance of 134 kilometers to cover and a southwesterly wind at their backs, these feathered athletes were in for a quick trip home. And quick it was! The first pigeon, one of Paul Groeneveld's finest, clocked in at an astonishing 10:16:05 – that's lightning speed, folks!

Dominating District Westland
Now, this wasn't just any small-time competition. District Westland saw a whopping 5,075 pigeons take to the skies, all vying for that top spot. But among this fierce competition, Paul Groeneveld's pigeons soared above the rest. An incredible 17 out of his 18 entries won a prize card – talk about consistency!

The Master at Work: First Nominated, First Home!
And here's the cherry on top: Paul didn't just have pigeons placing well, he absolutely smashed it with his number one pick! That's right, his first nominated pigeon was the very first to cross the finish line. This level of precision and planning is what makes Paul Groeneveld a true champion.


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A Reign That Continues
For decades now, Paul Groeneveld has been a force to be reckoned with in short and middle-distance races. This victory is just the latest testament to his exceptional skills as a pigeon-fancier. If this race is any indication, then one thing's for sure: Paul Groeneveld is the man to beat in the 2024 season!

Congratulations, Paul Here's to many more victories to come!

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