Jan de wijs

The One Pair Barcelona Challenge

Revolutionizing Pigeon Racing with Dedication and Strategy

A groundbreaking project spearheaded by renowned pigeon fancier, Jan de Wijs. This initiative is set to challenge conventional beliefs in the pigeon racing community, asserting that success in the sport is not solely the domain of those with deep pockets but can be achieved through strategic planning, dedication, and a deep understanding of pigeon care and training.

At the heart of The One Pair Barcelona Challenge lies a simple yet profound concept: all it takes to succeed in the world of pigeon racing is one good pair of pigeons, a well-thought-out plan, patience, common sense, and unwavering dedication.

Game on... Beat The Pigeon Boss In 2028 if you can.

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Pigeon Facts

We document it all, follow us up to Barcelona 2028!

#1: "Nova"


  • Laid May 21 - 2024
  • Size, 38 x 26 Milimeter
  • Weight 18 grams
  • Hatched: June 07 - 2024
  • Color: Unknown Yet
  • Sex: Unknown Yet
  • Status: Still In Egg

#2: Orion


  • Laid May 23 - 2024
  • Size, 38 x 26 Milimeter
  • Weight 18 grams
  • Hatched: June 8 - 2024
  • Color: Unknown Yet
  • Sex: Unknown Yet
  • Status: Still In Egg

NL.20-1417022 "Genesis": The Beginning of an Extraordinary Journey

Jan de Wijs2 comments

Welcome, pigeon enthusiasts from around the world! Today we dive into the inspiring story of a special cock, NL.20-1417022, better known as "Genesis." This marks the starting point of our ambitious project: the One Pair Barcelona Challenge. This project not only promises an exciting journey to the prestigious Barcelona race in 2028 but also proves that you don't need deep pockets to be successful in this challenging sport.

Genesis & Vanguard: An Epic Journey to Eternal Glory in the One Pair Barcelona Challenge

Jan de Wijs

This journey to Barcelona 2028 promises to be an adventure full of challenges, emotions, and hopefully, glory. We invite you to follow this journey closely through our blog, where we will document every step. From the first eggs to the final race, you will be part of this extraordinary story.Let’s dream, grow, and strive for eternal glory together. The One Pair Barcelona Challenge is more than a race; it’s proof that passion and perseverance can overcome any obstacle. Join us, and let’s make history!

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