Combination Shipley - den Boer: A Legendary Triumph From Quiévrain

Combination Shipley - den Boer: A Legendary Triumph From Quiévrain

Jan de Wijs

Welcome to the breathtaking world of pigeon racing, where speed, strategy, and precision come together to crown the true champions. Today, we dive into the remarkable story of Combination Shipley - den Boer, two passionate pigeon enthusiasts from Haarlem who have shaken the world of pigeon racing to its core.

On a glorious day in May, under a lightly clouded sky and a gentle southern breeze, David Shipley and Danny den Boer inscribed their names in the annals of pigeon racing. Their phenomenal pigeon, known by the registration NL.22-8385743, delivered a staggering performance that will inspire every pigeon enthusiast.

The Great Victory from Quiévrain
It was May 4, a day that will forever be written in golden letters in the history of Combination Shipley - den Boer. From Quiévrain, a distance of 226 kilometers to their lofts in Haarlem, 14,931 pigeons from 510 enthusiasts in Division 6 North Holland competed for victory. But one pigeon surpassed them all.

Released at 7:30 AM, the winner flew the distance at an incredible speed of 1693 meters per minute, eventually clocking in first at 09:44 AM. This achievement not only made her the fastest of the 14,931 pigeons in her division but also the fastest pigeon in the Netherlands that day, surpassing 212,158 pigeons across the eleven Dutch divisions.
Combination Shipley - den Boer: A Legendary Triumph From Quiévrain

A Pedigree of Champions
This extraordinary pigeon, affectionately called '743,' is no ordinary bird. She is bred from a line of champions, with her father ‘Barry’ directly descending from the famous ‘Jerommeke’ (Gaston Vranckx) and ‘Amy’ (Josef A Lang). Her mother, ‘Harrietje,’ was bred by Steven van Breemen, a name every pigeon connoisseur will recognize. The excellent genetics and careful breeding have propelled ‘743’ to the top of pigeon racing.

In 2022, David Shipley and Danny den Boer began their collaboration under the name Team Klavertje Pigeons, aiming to participate in One Loft Racing and the Dutch Championship. Their strategy? Combining top pigeons from Steven van Breemen, the inbred family of Gaston Vranckx, and some outstanding pigeons from Jan Hooymans. All this with the goal of building a flying team capable of dominating one-day flights up to about 650 kilometers.

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An Inspiration for Every Enthusiast
The story of Shipley - den Boer is not just a tale of victory but also of vision, perseverance, and love for pigeon racing. Their achievements are a shining example for anyone dreaming of great success in this exciting sport.

So, dear pigeon enthusiasts, let yourself be inspired by this spectacular victory and the craftsmanship of Shipley - den Boer. Who knows, maybe your name will soon also be among the greats of pigeon racing!

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Jan de Wijs
Blogger & Racing Pigeon Expert

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