Rinus Verkamman: A Resounding Triumph From Pont St. Maxence Against 10518 pigeons

Rinus Verkamman: A Resounding Triumph From Pont St. Maxence Against 10518 pigeons

Jan de Wijs

On a cool, slightly cloudy morning in Pont Sint-Maxence, 10,518 pigeons were released, propelled into the sky by a gentle southwest breeze. Among these birds were 22 exceptional ones belonging to Rinus Verkamman, a passionate pigeon enthusiast from Arnemuiden.

The distance these feathered athletes needed to cover was 257 kilometers. Rinus' pigeons stood out from the crowd, leading to an exceptionally handsome victory.

Rinus, who resides in the picturesque Arnemuiden, a city rich in history and located on the former island of Walcheren, has not only bridged the distance with his pigeons but also bridged the gap between tradition and modern elite sport. His first pigeon, clocked at 10:13:20, achieved an astonishing speed of 1574 meters per minute. This yearling hen, named NL.23-9346124, is well known in the elite circles of pigeon racing. She is a full sister to the legendary “Pink Tornado,” a pigeon that took first place in the Pipa ranking for Short-distance young pigeons in 2022.
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This pigeon’s performance is not an isolated case; she comes from a real winning line. Her brothers and sisters have achieved impressive results at various levels, with victories and top placements making each of them top athletes in the world of pigeon racing. This success story is a perfect example of how the passion for pigeon racing, combined with a strong breeding program, can lead to extraordinary performances.

The joy that Rinus experiences in this sport is undeniable. The care, dedication, and strategy required to excel in pigeon races are aspects that often go unnoticed outside the circles of aficionados. Rinus' victory in Pont Sint-Maxence highlights the importance of these elements and brings pigeon racing to a broader audience.

This victory is not just a triumph for Rinus, but also an inspiration for many other enthusiasts in the sport. Jan de Wijs, aka Pigeon Boss, aptly noted: "Rinus, congratulations on this glorious victory. I am sure there will be more to follow." Rinus has proven that he not only possesses a golden pair of pigeons but also the golden recipe for success in this fascinating sport.
For those interested in pigeon racing or looking for a hobby that is both challenging and enriching, the story of Rinus Verkamman and his champion pigeons provides a shining example. Pigeon racing is more than a pastime; it is a passion that connects generations, brings communities together, and teaches us about dedication, strategy, and the joy of winning. Rinus and his flying champions invite us all to partake in this wonderful sport.

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