The End of an Era: The Phenomenal Auction of Dirk Van Dyck's Racing Pigeon Colony!

The End of an Era: The Phenomenal Auction of Dirk Van Dyck's Racing Pigeon Colony!

Jan de Wijs

Hello pigeon enthusiasts and sports fans! Today we have a story that is so incredible, it'll have your wings flapping in excitement. We're talking about none other than the legendary Dirk Van Dyck, whose influence on modern pigeon racing cannot be underestimated.

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And now, with the total auction of his colony, a chapter in the history of pigeon racing has come to a close—but in a spectacular fashion.

The Auction of Auctions!
With a total revenue of an astounding €2,265,500, this auction has become an overwhelming success! Yes, you read it right, over two million euros! The pigeon racing world has once again proven how much respect and admiration there is for what Dirk Van Dyck and his family have built.

By the Numbers

Let's delve deeper into the numbers, because they are simply astonishing:
- Total number of pigeons sold: 315
- Total revenue: €2,265,500
- Average price per pigeon: Over €7,200
- Number of different countries the pigeons have gone to: 20

Yes, you read it correctly, these winged athletes are now international stars!

The Star of the Show: Mathieu!
And now, drumroll please, the most expensive pigeon of the entire auction: **Mathieu**. This top pigeon was sold for an astronomical amount of €146,000! A figure that truly honors the value of this exceptional athlete.

Late Dirk van Dijck auction star of the auction B.19-6074127 Mathieu

A World-Class Performance by PIPA!
We can't talk about this historic moment in pigeon racing without giving a big shout-out to PIPA (, the leading auction house in the world of high-quality pigeon auctions. It's yet another testament to their excellent organization and expertise in the industry.
Thanks to their seamless organization and impressive network, these top pigeons were sold to enthusiasts in as many as 20 different countries. PIPA has once again raised the bar in the world of pigeon auctions, and it's fantastic to see how they contribute to the bigger narrative of this incredible sport.
So hats off to PIPA! You make the pigeon racing world proud!
There you have it, dear pigeon enthusiasts! From the legendary achievements of Dirk Van Dyck's colony to the phenomenal organization by PIPA, it's an exciting time to be a fan of this beautiful sport. Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring stories from the world of pigeon racing! 🕊

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