The Glorious World of De Klak Pigeons and Anders Brobech

The Glorious World of De Klak Pigeons and Anders Brobech

Jan de Wijs

Anders Brobech, the proud owner of possibly the largest and finest collection of Jos van Limpt, alias De Klak pigeons in the world, deserves all the praise and recognition for his incredible dedication and commitment to this special breed of pigeons.

A whopping 33 direct De Klak pigeons were acquired in 2009!

Anders Brobech, De Klak racing pigeons for sale

But let's not limit our discussion to the person himself; let's dive deeper into the fascinating De Klak breed and discover why it has captured the hearts of pigeon enthusiasts worldwide.

The De Klak breed is renowned for its exceptional traits and hereditary qualities. These pigeons are not just pigeons; they represent a rich history of careful selection and dedication to perfecting their characteristics. The origin of the breed can be traced back to the legendary Jos van Limpt, alias De Klak, a man whose name is synonymous with excellence in pigeon racing. The man who started with originals Janssens but never bought a single red pigeon! For Jos, there were only Chequered and Blue’s.
De Klak pigeons are not only highly competitive in races, but they also possess a striking appearance. With their perpetually shiny plumage and elegant posture, they are a delight to the eyes of every pigeon enthusiast. Their unique features and hereditary traits have made them a sought-after choice for breeders all around the world.

But what truly sets the De Klak breed apart?
The answer lies in their performance. These pigeons have time and again proven themselves to be among the fastest and most reliable racers. Their endurance and navigational abilities still make them the pigeons to beat worldwide!

What Anders Brobech has achieved by owning the largest and finest collection of De Klak pigeons in the world is the preservation of a heritage. He has not just a collection of pigeons but a treasure trove of genetic material that secures the future of this magnificent breed. His dedication to preserving the purity and quality of De Klak pigeons deserves the highest respect.

Here are some examples of what he has to offer:

NL-99-1209802 Jos De Klak. Foundation pigeon. Direct son of 613


DAN073-13-651 Jos De Klak. Granddaughter 613

But let's not forget that the significance of the De Klak breed goes beyond individual achievements. It has brought together a community of pigeon enthusiasts from all around the world. It has inspired people to strive for perfection in their own breeding programs and to push the boundaries of pigeon racing. De Klak pigeons are a source of pride and passion for many, and they continue to be part of a rich tradition that spans generations.

So, let's give a loud round of applause to Anders Brobech and all the pigeon enthusiasts involved in preserving the De Klak breed. Their dedication and passion have enriched the world of pigeon racing and reminded us of the beauty and power of our wonderful sport. Let's continue to enjoy the heritage of De Klak and strive together for new heights in pigeon racing!

Pigeons with De Klak blood still feature on pedigrees of winners all over the world, so it's a perfect idea to cross De Klak blood with the pigeons you already have to give them that extra push to win or keep winning. As for Anders, he had great results crossing them with Janssen, Flor Engels and Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons. In fact… His best performing pigeons are those with 50% De Klak and 50% Vandenbeele blood.

DAN108-14-258 “Schouwman 258” 100% Jos De Klak

I can't think of a better source for De Klak pigeons than Anders Brobech, which is why I wholeheartedly recommend Anders pigeons, not only for the pigeons themselves but also for the man. A perfect match of top pigeons and a top enthusiast is the path to success...

You can find all the information about the pigeons and Anders Brobech on his fantastic website and social media channels...


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