The Golden Ten Pigeon Auction: Where Elite Racing Pigeons Fetch Record Prices

The Golden Ten Pigeon Auction: Where Elite Racing Pigeons Fetch Record Prices

Jan de Wijs

For aficionados of the racing pigeon scene, the Golden Ten auction represents the pinnacle of quality and competition.

The eleventh edition of this prestigious event has not only lived up to its illustrious reputation but soared beyond it, breaking records and dazzling enthusiasts and serious pigeon-fanciers alike. It's where elite pigeons with pedigrees that would make even the most discerning breeder take notice are put under the hammer.
A Spectacular Display of Avian Excellence
The weekend began with the anticipatory hum of eager buyers and enthusiasts who congregated to witness the grandeur of some of the finest racing pigeons the sport has to offer. By the afternoon, the auction room was brimming with energy and anticipation.

A Sky-High Auction
The lot numbers might have been sequential, but the bids were anything but predictable. The auction reached a fever pitch with lot 5, a splendid son of "Armando" from the renowned Belgian loft of Kaier, which fetched a staggering €80,400.
Following suit, lot 151, "Solange's Hot Shot" of Gerard & Bas Verkerk, commanded a handsome €73,200, making it the second most expensive bird of the weekend.
The rapid-fire auctioneer of Dirk, the acclaimed auctioneer, kept the bids flowing and the excitement mounting. When the final gavel struck, new records were etched in the annals of pigeon racing history.

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Unprecedented Sales
Over the course of the event, 168 pigeons found new owners, with the collective sales summing up to an impressive €1,771,200. A quick calculation reveals the jaw-dropping average price per pigeon: €10,543.

A Grateful Acknowledgement
The success of the Golden Ten is not just measured in euros but in the passion and trust of the sellers, buyers, and attendees. Their support is the backbone of this event's triumph.

The Cream of the Crop
It's worth noting the extraordinary, where 57 out of 168 pigeons commanded prices over €10,000. However, let's spotlight those avian champions that soared past the €15,000 mark:

Lot 5: B22-2089654 - Kaier Europe: € 80.400
Lot 151: NL23-9315619 - Gerard & Bas Verkerk: € 73.200
Lot 17: NL23-9315633 - Gerard & Bas Verkerk: € 72.000
Lot 133: NL23-9337818 - Comb. Lin: € 60.000
Lot 69: NL23-9408976 - Jan Hooymans: € 49.200
Lot 70: NL23-9408566 - Jan Hooymans: € 48.000
Lot 33: NL23-9337902 - Comb. Lin: € 36.000
Lot 57: B23-6113579 - Rik Hermans: € 36.000
Lot 59: B23-6113869 - Rik Hermans: € 32.400
Lot 45: NL23-9590548 - Gerard Lotman: € 31.200
Lot 48: NL23-9590404 - Gerard Lotman: € 30.000
Lot 99: NL23-9408970 - Jan Hooymans: € 30.000
Lot 161: B23-2028391 - Kaier Europe: € 30.000
Lot 168: NL23-9173245 - Dolf & Ruud Bakker: € 30.000
Lot 25: NL23-9509279 - Florian Hendriks: € 28.800
Lot 149: NL23-9315639 - Gerard & Bas Verkerk: € 25.200
Lot 74: B23-4189302 - Deridder-Van den Brande: € 24.000
Lot 152: NL23-9315610 - Gerard & Bas Verkerk: € 24.000
Lot 1: NL22-8307546 - Dolf & Ruud Bakker: € 20.400
Lot 6: B23-2028248 - Kaier Europe: € 20.400
Lot 18: NL23-9315631 - Gerard & Bas Verkerk: € 19.200
Lot 60: B23-6113696 - Rik Hermans: € 19.200
Lot 94: B23-4189320 - Deridder-Van den Brande: € 19.200
Lot 135: NL23-9338172 - Comb. Lin: € 19.200
Lot 163: B23-2028204 - Kaier Europe: € 18.000
Lot 141: NL23-9509248 - Florian Hendriks: € 16.800
Lot 8: B23-2001691 - Kaier Europe: € 15.600
Lot 20: B23-9315621 - Gerard & Bas Verkerk: € 15.600

These numbers are not just figures; they represent the exceptional lineage, potential, and prestige of these winged athletes.

A Soaring Future
As we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the new owners, it's with eager anticipation that we watch where these top-tier racers will lead them. May their investments translate into swift victories and new horizons in the exhilarating world of pigeon racing.

In Conclusion
The Golden Ten pigeon auction stands as a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm that defines the sport. As we close the chapter on this edition, the racing pigeon community waits with bated breath for the next, ready to witness more records shatter and history made, one bid at a time.

Where Champions Flock Together
To all our readers who share a deep passion for racing pigeons, we promise to bring more stories from the loft, the sky, and the auction room. The realm of pigeon racing is a constant thrill, and we are here to keep you abreast of every exhilarating moment. Here's to the birds that capture our hearts and the races that make them legends

For a closer look at the elite racing pigeons and an insider's view into the world of high-stakes pigeon auctions, make sure to follow our blog and never miss an update from the edge of your seat.

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Jan de Wijs
Blogger and Racing Pigeon Expert

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