The Madness of Online Pigeon Auctions: Why Prices Are Skyrocketing

The Madness of Online Pigeon Auctions: Why Prices Are Skyrocketing

Jan de Wijs

The intriguing world of pigeon racing, where passion and prestige converge, is a fascinating spectacle of races, champions, and increasingly online auctions that yield more and more almost unbelievable amounts.

In addition to the aspects of this niche already discussed, there is a topic that requires deeper exploration: the possibility that these auctions are used for money laundering. How does this affect the overall dynamics and pricing of pigeon auctions?

Online Pigeon Auctions - What's True and What's Not?
The shift from physical to online auctions has created a global platform for pigeon enthusiasts. Here, sometimes astonishing amounts are bid for top pigeons, but these high prices raise questions about the authenticity and intentions behind these bids.

Money Laundering - A Disturbing Hypothesis
There are increasing voices suggesting that online pigeon auctions may be used for money laundering purposes. This hypothesis could partly explain the sometimes inexplicable bidding patterns, where bids increase by steps of €10,000 are not uncommon. Let me put it this way, even the most wealthy people I know wouldn't outbid a pigeon by 10,000 Euros!

These worrying assumptions raise important questions:

- Are all these bids legitimate?
- Are the pigeons actually sold and settled for these high amounts?
- To what extent does this phenomenon affect the integrity of the sport of pigeon racing?

Research and Discussion
These concerns require in-depth investigation. It is crucial to assess the extent to which these practices actually occur and their impact on the market and thus on our beautiful sport. Interviews with experts, analysis of bidding patterns, and research into financial flows can shed light on these issues.

It seems there is a task here for the various federations and especially the F.C.I. It seems to me in the general interest of the sport of pigeon racing that auctions are also open and transparent and any semblance of a mix of the underworld and upper world must be prevented. Making global media headlines is nice, but we rarely hear the background stories. Do all those pigeons really end up with the new owners, or are pigeons used to justify and move enormous amounts of money, whether illegally obtained or not?

The Future of Pigeon Auctions
With these concerns in mind, what is the future of online pigeon auctions? It is essential that transparency and regulation are introduced to ensure the integrity of this unique market and thereby our sport.

While the world of online pigeon auctions continues to fascinate, it's important to be aware of the potential dark sides. Ensuring the legitimacy and fairness of these auctions is crucial for the future of the sport.

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Jan de Wijs
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