The Triumphant Victory of Combinatie Vierhout from Soissons

The Triumphant Victory of Combinatie Vierhout from Soissons

Jan de Wijs

On the bright morning of May 11, 2024, a remarkable event unfolded in the world of pigeon racing. During the pigeon race from Soissons, where a staggering 22,782 pigeons competed for glory, the pigeons of Combinatie Vierhout stole the spotlight.

Released at 8:30 AM from Soissons, covering a distance of 368 kilometers, these feathered athletes contended with a gentle northeast wind and a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius.

Combinatie Vierhout's performance was nothing short of phenomenal. Their leading pigeon soared through the skies at an astonishing speed of 1210 meters per minute, landing at 13:34:22 in Nunspeet. This impressive speed, especially given the opposing northeast wind, was just the beginning of their series of successes. Of the 67 pigeons entered by the combination, an impressive 46 secured prizes. Moreover, with eight of their pigeons in the top 100 and remarkable placements like 7th, 13th, 27th, 29th, 58th, 59th, and 91st, they demonstrated overwhelming dominance over the competition.

The Triumphant Victory of Combinatie Vierhout from Soissons

This overwhelming victory, however, is no coincidence. Combinatie Vierhout boasts a breeding loft that any pigeon enthusiast would envy. Their elite pigeon lineage includes descendants of the famous Peter van de Merwe with top pigeons such as “Ineke”, “Didi”, “Nina”, “Lizz”, “Super 02”, and “Kim”. This is complemented by top pigeons from Karel and Kas Meijers, descendants of the legendary Leo Heremans pigeons such as “Juan Carlos”, “Leo’s Favorite”, “My First HC”, and “Nieuwe Rossi”. Furthermore, the descendants of “Salah” and “Reina” from Ton van de Hoogen and the super couple “Rinus” x “Jans”, as well as “Amazing 04” from “Willem” x “Olympic Ireen” from Willem de Bruijn x Ton van de Hoogen, enrich the powerful breeding program.

This remarkable combination of heritage and top care has not only earned Combinatie Vierhout a legendary status in the pigeon world but also promises a bright future. Their ongoing success in the field is an inspiration for pigeon enthusiasts around the world and a testament to their mastery and dedication to the sport.

Pigeon Boss, Jan de Wijs an expert in Racing Pigeons
It is with great pride and admiration that we congratulate Combinatie Vierhout on their breathtaking achievements. For all pigeon lovers and connoisseurs: keep an eye on this exceptional combination. Their story is far from over, and we can expect many more grand performances from them. Let’s look forward to their next marvelous victories in the fascinating world of pigeon racing!

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