Why the Ban on Photography and Video at Pigeon Releases Is a Bad Idea

Why the Ban on Photography and Video at Pigeon Releases Is a Bad Idea

Jan de Wijs

In a recent and controversial decision, the South Dutch Union (ZDU) has prohibited employees from taking photos and videos during and before pigeon releases. This decision has led to a wave of astonishment and criticism within the pigeon world. The crux of the issue seems to revolve around transparency, openness, and whether such a ban indeed contributes to the integrity of the sport or rather accomplishes the opposite.

The Importance of Transparency and Openness
Transparency is a fundamental principle in any sport and organization. It contributes to the trust among all parties involved: participants, organizers, and even spectators. In a world where suspicion and fear often prevail, openness serves as a beacon of trust and credibility. Restricting access to information, such as footage of releases, gives the impression of having something to hide. This can lead to speculation and mistrust, which is detrimental to the reputation and integrity of the organization.

Community Reaction
The pigeon world has reacted with astonishment to the ZDU's decision. This step is seen as a regression in terms of openness and transparency. The argument that banning photos and videos would prevent the spread of unwanted images holds little water in the era of social media. On the contrary, it may lead to more clandestine recordings and distribution, potentially causing more harm to the organization. The general consensus seems to be that this decision does more harm than good to the organization.

Potential Consequences
The ban could have unintended consequences, such as fostering suspicion and creating a culture of secrecy. This is contrary to the value of transparency and can lead to decreased trust in the organization. Moreover, in a time when authenticity and openness are highly valued, this decision could isolate the ZDU from both its members and the broader public.

Plea for Reconsideration
There is a strong call for reconsidering this decision. The importance of transparency and openness, especially in a sport that relies so heavily on trust and honesty, cannot be overstated. It would be in the ZDU's interest to engage in dialogue with its members to develop a policy that promotes transparency while simultaneously protecting the integrity of the sport.

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Banning the taking of photos and videos during and before pigeon releases seems to be a step back in time. Instead of limiting openness and transparency, the ZDU should consider embracing modern technologies and methods that can maintain the integrity of the sport while strengthening the relationship with its members and the public. It is crucial for organizations like the ZDU to adapt to the changing world around them, where openness and transparency are not only valued but essential for the survival and flourishing of any community.
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