Flying Dynasties: How Peter Theunis and His Champion Pigeons Dominated Dutch Pigeon Racing for Years

Flying Dynasties: How Peter Theunis and His Champion Pigeons Dominated Dutch Pigeon Racing for Years

Jan de Wijs

Embregts-Theunis, a prominent name in Dutch pigeon racing, has built an impressive track record over the years. The driving force behind this success is Peter Theunis, a respected and beloved pigeon fancier, who has received recognition not just in the Netherlands but also internationally for his extraordinary achievements in pigeon racing.

The Origin of Success: Golden Canonball and His Influence
The foundation of Embregts-Theunis' success lies with champion pigeons such as Golden Canonball, Miss Goldnugget, Rocketeer, and Witbuik. These pigeons not only form the backbone of Peter Theunis' loft but have also gained international fame for their exceptional performance and offspring.

Golden Canonball is known for his remarkable achievements, such as a 2nd place in Sens against 1,112 pigeons, a 3rd in Creil against 1,852 pigeons, a 5th in Orleans against 992 pigeons, and an 11th in the NPO Sens against 16,382 pigeons.

What makes Golden Canonball even more unique is his ability to excel as a top breeder. He is the father of Cannonballboy, who won 1st National Orleans against 58,925 pigeons, and Rocket King, who achieved a 9th National Orleans against 19,692 pigeons.

Ongoing Success: Offspring of Golden Canonball
The impact of Golden Canonball extends beyond his own performances. His offspring have achieved impressive results, including:
- 1st National Maidstone against 6,300 pigeons
- 1st in Sens against 6,040 pigeons
- 1st in St.-Quentin against 9,414 pigeons
- 1st in Orleans against 4,502 pigeons
- 2nd NPO Orleans against 7,795 pigeons
- 3rd National Maidstone against 6,300 pigeons
- 3rd NPO Orleans against 5,180 pigeons
- 9th in Boxtel against 15,518 pigeons
- And many, many more…

These results underscore the dominance of Golden Canonball's bloodline in pigeon racing.

Rocketeer: The Father of Golden Canonball
The father of Golden Canonball, Rocketeer, is also a central figure in this bloodline. Rocketeer's offspring, including Goldspice Girl, Blue Rocket, and Golden Power, have achieved top results at both provincial and national levels. Rocketeer himself was awarded the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Brabant 2000.

The Maternal Line: Super Girl and Witbuik
Super Girl, the mother of Golden Canonball and a daughter of Witbuik, has also significantly contributed to the success. She was 2nd Ace Pigeon Brabant 2000. Witbuik, as a crucial breeder, has had a lasting influence on the performance and quality of Peter Theunis' pigeons.
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The continued dominance of Peter Theunis in Dutch pigeon racing is no coincidence. It's the result of careful selection, excellent breeding practices, and the ongoing development of champion pigeons like Golden Canonball and his offspring. The combination of powerful bloodlines, superior genetics, and the passion and dedication of Peter Theunis, has made Embregts-Theunis synonymous with excellence in pigeon racing.

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Jan de Wijs
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