The miraculous story of NL.10-2059701 “Olivia”

The miraculous story of NL.10-2059701 “Olivia”

Jan de Wijs

A phenomenal pigeon that makes history!In 2010, an incredibly lucky moment arrived for Adrie and Ineke van der Rhee from Alblasserdam when they received several pigeons from Tiny van Rosmalen, including the special NL.10-2059701 “Olivia”This gift, which was part of a trade, marked the beginning of an extraordinary adventure in the world of pigeon racing.

The road to success began with caution and care. After acclimation and training among the program pigeons, “Olivia” was only seriously deployed on the late-season tour in 2011. But it wasn't until 2012 that her potential truly became evident when she flew from Bordeaux 2012, albeit unfortunately missing. Still, she remained fit and determined!

Her perseverance was rewarded when she finished as 233rd National during a nighttime return from Narbonne in 2012. Adrie immediately knew that “Olivia” was capable of shining on more challenging flights.

And shine she did!
With daring decision-making and determination, Adrie and Ineke send her to Pau, where she delivered a truly epic performance. At 05.36 a.m. the clock beeped, and it was clear that Olivia had won the 1st National Pau against no less than 3019 pigeons! 

An extraordinary moment for Adrie and Ineke van der Rhee, which further strengthened their passion and dedication for pigeon sport.

After they sold her some time later to the late Cees van de Poel, her legacy lives on. Annually, as part of the deal, 2 youngsters from “Olivia” returned to Alblasserdam every year. In the breeding loft of Alblasserdam, no less than six children of “Olivia” with three different cock birds are flourishing. They excel with different fanciers and prove to be winners time after time.

The success story continues with countless achievements from Olivia's offspring, including "De Lamme" and "Olica".

They prove time and time again that Olivia's winning blood is strong and genuine. National and international top performances continue to pile up, and the list of champions with Olivia's blood in their veins is only getting longer.

Let’s look at one NL.19-1680662 “Lieke”
A granddaughter of “Olivia” and winner of 1st National Bergerac against 5655 pigeons. In this race she was also the fastest in sector 2, 3 and 4 against nothing less than 15.894 pigeons!

She won:
1st Bergerac against 5655 pigeons.
10th Bergerac against 6600 pigeons.
14th Cahors against 3254 pigeons.
161st Bergerac against 3532 pigeons.
208th Cahors against 2573 pigeons.
430 Cahors against 3132 pigeons
665th Bordeaux against 6140 pigeons.

All this made her:
4th National Ace pigeon Marathon NPO, W.H.Z.B. in 2021
5th Best Marathon pigeon Pipa Ranking over 3 races in 2021
6th National Ace Pigeon NL, “De Allerbeste”
10th Best Marathon Pigeons F.C.I. (World Best Pigeons NL)

Ineke and Adrie van der Rhee have created a true legend with NL.10-2059701 “Olivia”. Her name will shine on the pedigree cards of winning pigeons for many decades to come, as her influence in the pigeon world is simply unmistakable.

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